Materials Management

Spectrum® Materials Management Construction Software

Solutions that fine-tune your aggregate operations for better efficiency.

If your contractor or construction company has a materials plant, aggregate pit or quarry, you understand the importance of tight material controls. Spectrum’s Materials Management solution, including integration with scale applications, gives you the data and the reporting tools you need to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your operations.



Fully integrated with Spectrum’s Inventory Control and Job Cost functionalities, Spectrum Materials Management ensures you have up-to-date inventory records and timely billing for materials.

Spectrum Materials Management Construction Software allows you to:

  • Interface with a variety of scale software packages
  • Accommodate standard and special rates
  • Automatically generate invoices

adaptable and scalable

Adaptable and scalable to all of your material needs. If you rely on a third-party to haul materials, Spectrum Materials Management helps you verify their time and mileage with freight cost reconciliation. You can compare the invoice from your vendor to tickets from your scales application, ensuring you are never overcharged.

Running an aggregate pit, materials plant or quarry, you know that sometimes scales can break or hauling must be put on hold. As a complete construction management software solution, Spectrum was designed to handle wait time in addition to hauling management.

real time

Enjoy accurate, up-to-date inventory records and timely billing for materials thanks to full integration with Spectrum’s Inventory Control and Job Cost for materials requisitioned to jobs, to Order Processing and Accounts Receivable for customer sales, to Accounts Payable for the creation of invoices and with Document Imaging for attaching images to scale tickets.


quick and easy

Easily adjust inventory depending on whether materials are transported in or out of your facility.

Quickly set up standard or custom hauling rates and use area codes to set materials price based on distance hauled.

Create outside sales invoices or internal job requisitions from tickets based on customer and job.

Track freight and miscellaneous costs separately, bill as service or accumulate into the material sale amount.


actual cost

Actual freight costs can be recorded and reconciled to the estimated cost and the freight invoice created automatically in Accounts Payable.

Never overpay or over bill for services due to delays with Material Management’s special rates feature.

Compare quantity production, sales and costs for cur- rent year, previous year or a user-defined period.


Instant & accurate

Ensure that data is transferred accurately with Materials Management’s extensive error correction.

Manually enter weight tickets for plants not using an automatic scale software package.

Automatically attach a copy of new tickets to jobs with Spectrum’s Document Imaging.

Monitor the Movement of Materials In and Out of Your Pit or Quarry and Track Production and Costs for a Clear View of Your Aggregate Business

Spectrum Materials Management streamlines the process of sales and job costing by directly importing weight tickets from existing scale software. + Interface with a variety of scale software packages + Accommodate standard and special rates + Automatically generate invoices

Innovative Technology

We have done more than simply put Spectrum in the cloud—it has been designed specifically for the cloud, providing an intuitive interface that allows you to work from any connected device, anywhere, at anytime simply by launching a web browser. Spectrum delivers the convenience of true cloud computing without sacrificing control. You own the licenses, you manage access and security, and you choose how to implement the software. Host Spectrum yourself, or take advantage of the enterprise-class, secure hosting services where your software runs on hardware dedicated to your company.



Tools For Collaborative Work

Spectrum delivers communication and collaboration tools that help everyone work better together. The Spectrum Dashboard is an information portal for everyone in your company.  Your entire staff not just licensed users—can launch and modify their own Dashboard, putting real-time, relevant information in front of everyone on your team. Vital measurements  such as Work In Progress, Cost to Complete, Over/Under Billing, and Earned Revenue are available on a single screen. Spectrum’s accounting and operational application work together, allowing you to drill into both the financial and logistic details of all your jobs.


Unmatch Ease-of-Use

Spectrum is designed to be user friendly so you can spend time running your business, not figuring out how to run your software. With Spectrum, there are no complex menus to master and memorize. Start from the interactive Dashboard that you customize to fit your needs and dive into detailed information and the work you need to get done. As you work, a responsive InfoBar is always present, giving you one-click access to tasks data related to what you are doing.


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