Spectrum Reporting

Spectrum® Construction Reporting

Spectrum software turns data into action, accessible where and when you need it! See the information you need to see in formats that make sense to you. With Spectrum Reporting, you are working with the freshest data possible from within Spectrum and are able to manipulate that data to best analyze your operations. Choose from a large selection of pre-built reports, modify them to suit your needs, or build your own reports using powerful query tools.


Whether choosing from a large selection of pre-built reports or building customized  reports using powerful query tools, Spectrum’s reporting capabilities give users deep views into data and detailed analysis over every aspect of their business. Spectrum reporting provides:

  • Browser-based functionality  where users can execute and view the results of the query in the browser
  • Export of report data to Excel, Word or Crystal Reports™
  • Archiving and search ability for past reports
  • Simple, one-click updating of past reports to refresh data
  • Automated report delivery via email
  • Comprehensive security and assignable user permissions
  • Email subscriptions to receive reports
  • Tools to create customized reports using any data needed in Spectrum


As a complete construction management software application, Spectrum Construction Software provides you with powerful reporting capabilities. Spectrum’s Info-Link works in tandem with Query Developer to provide seamless connection to the industry’s most popular reporting applications, giving more insight into data through simple-to-use, secure tools.

Track sales tax and generate tax reports based on the job and phase number with user defined rules.

Reduce the chance for lost information and ensure project managers and owners have access to the most current information by entering project changes in the field as they occur.

Automate retention by defining the percentage  to be withheld from each invoice when setting up a job’s subcontract. The withheld amount is kept in committed costs and project managers see the retention amounts in Spectrum Job Cost.

Increase purchasing efficiency and reduce costs with Spectrum’s fully integrated electronic payment solutions that allow for enhanced purchasing controls, integration and reporting.


powerful reports

Info-Link was designed to provide non-programmers  with a way to build powerful business reports.

Access all your business data and create reports using any ODBC-compliant software such as Microsoft®  Excel, Word, or Crystal Reports™.

Create  charts,  graphs,  reports,  mass  mailings and more that are tailored to specific business needs with minimal training or report-writing expertise.

Save reports directly into Spectrum to archive them or attach them as files to specific jobs or phases through Spectrum’s Document Imaging.

View change orders, open items and payments with Spectrum’s Contract Inquiry and see complete payment history with the Customer Inquiry.

Always have accurate and up-to-date draw requests with change orders that automatically update contracts, job cost estimates and billing.

customized reports-anytime you want

Access saved reports any time, and with a simple one- click refresh feature, populate the report with current data. Query Developer is a powerful, browser-based tool that simplifies the process of report writing, making it easy to build custom re- ports from any data inside Spectrum.

Customize  queries  to  generate  virtually any  report based on your data—including project, accounting, or employee information.

Set filters and parameters  to display data based on a specified time period or job and sort settings to determine the order in which data appears on reports.

automatic results

Automatically calculate subtotals and grand totals on numerical data.

View query reports instantly in the browser, or export the data to any version of Microsoft®  Excel for further analysis.

Schedule reports to be delivered automatically in familiar, easy-to-use formats. Subscription  options  let users automate recurring reports and email them as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet attachment.

work from anywhere

Generate  reports from anywhere—when connected to the Internet,  Spectrum’s browser-based interface makes it easy to pull reports in the field on mobile computing devices such as tablets or laptops.

Avoid duplicate data entry or additional complex programming as queries in Spectrum Reporting are based on data already contained in Spectrum’s SQL Server Database. No additional programming is required to pull detailed reports.

Spectrum’s reporting capabilities go above and beyond traditional reporting functions found in business software. By giving users the ability to drill down into any data and analyze it any way desired, Spectrum Reporting is helping organizations make better business decisions and improving their bottom lines.

Achieve In-depth Analysis of All Your Construction Data with Detailed Reports and Customized Reporting Tools

Hundreds of out-of-the-box reports that can be customized, along with the tools you need to build your own from scratch. Export data direct to Excel, Word, or Crystal Reports™. Refresh existing report data with the click of a button, and schedule automatic report delivery via email.

Innovative Technology

We have done more than simply put Spectrum in the cloud—it has been designed specifically for the cloud, providing an intuitive interface that allows you to work from any connected device, anywhere, at anytime simply by launching a web browser. Spectrum delivers the convenience of true cloud computing without sacrificing control. You own the licenses, you manage access and security, and you choose how to implement the software. Host Spectrum yourself, or take advantage of the enterprise-class, secure hosting services where your software runs on hardware dedicated to your company.



Tools For Collaborative Work

Spectrum delivers communication and collaboration tools that help everyone work better together. The Spectrum Dashboard is an information portal for everyone in your company.  Your entire staff not just licensed users—can launch and modify their own Dashboard, putting real-time, relevant information in front of everyone on your team. Vital measurements  such as Work In Progress, Cost to Complete, Over/Under Billing, and Earned Revenue are available on a single screen. Spectrum’s accounting and operational application work together, allowing you to drill into both the financial and logistic details of all your jobs.


Unmatch Ease-of-Use

Spectrum is designed to be user friendly so you can spend time running your business, not figuring out how to run your software. With Spectrum, there are no complex menus to master and memorize. Start from the interactive Dashboard that you customize to fit your needs and dive into detailed information and the work you need to get done. As you work, a responsive InfoBar is always present, giving you one-click access to tasks data related to what you are doing.


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