Spectrum Project Management

Spectrum® Project Management 

Track & Manage Project from Concept to Construction Complete
Take Full control of your Business with Spectrum®Construction Project Management Software
From conception through completion, Spectrum Construction Project Management Software (SPM) brings all of your financial and organizational data together into one easy-to-manage system.



Stop struggling with multiple applications to manage projects and start using a single platform for viewing job cost and operational data that serves every team member.

Spectrum Project Management is web-based, allowing access to information from any Internet-connected device using a browser. Spend less time digging through menu items and more time managing your projects.

Spectrum Project Management provides the information you need in the field without sacrificing the analytics and detail you need at the office with:

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Centralized Project Log
  • Job Analysis Screen
  • Pre-bid Management Tools
  • Spectrum Plan Room
  • Push button Export to Microsoft® Excel


Manage daily logs, submittal logs, change orders, and all other key project workflow information from the customizable Dashboard—only see the information that is important to you.

View important information then drill down to the details with  one  click—even construct your own apps tailored to specific job duties.

Make informed decisions with job cost information including actual, projection and budget data that is always up-to-date for every job.

Keep everyone up to date with free Dashboard access for anyone in your company.

Enjoy a complete 360 degree view of every project from project document to job numbers in one location.

View all of a project’s key performance indicators on one screen to quickly identify any issues that require attention then click into project details to address issues such as unbilled change orders, delayed approvals or unpaid invoices


Create custom log categories for anything you need to track or control and save multiple custom views with powerful viewing, sorting and filtering tools.

Always know who is responsible for the next step of a task or approval process with the project log’s “ball in court” management.

Manage projects through the entire life cycle from pre- through live construction with features including invitation to bid, vendor pre-qualification and document management.

Efficiently upload construction plans, specifications and other  important  files for real-time  document management with  built-in  version control  that keeps everyone up-to-date.

Store project documents (plans, specs, submittals and even emails) in one cloud-based application and access them from any device with Internet access and a browser.

Collaborate with others by sharing relevant documents (including attachments) via email notifications that automatically track email correspondence and alert you whenever documents are read or edited.

Control who has access and who can edit documents so you can extend Spectrum’s Project  Plan Room to team members outside of your company.

Send and receive emails, including attachments,  directly from the Project Log. Drill down on log entries and have the associated documents appear right on your screen.

Build custom reports that preserve all of your custom sorting and grouping with push button exports to MS Excel.


Spectrum® Project Management

A single platform for management of projects from beginning to end. Combined operational and job cost data to give managers complete visibility. Features include Job Analysis, Project Logs, Document Plan Room, Pre-Bid and Vendor Management, Creation and Routing of RFIs, Submittals, and Change Orders.

Tools For Collaborative Work

Spectrum creates a collaborative project management environment, giving you access to the most current project data any time you need it, no matter where you are. SPM provides complete control of your projects’ job costs, keeping you on schedule and within budget.


simple set up

With Spectrum’s intuitive job setup functionality, beginning new projects is simple. Import your project estimates directly into Spectrum and set up the job and all phases of work. Easily turn your estimates into your budget and projected project costs.



Unmatch Ease-of-Use

Once you start the project, Spectrum provides project managers and accounting staff with real tools for day-to-day work. All of your materials, costs, and labor are tracked in Spectrum in real time. Spectrum’s Dashboard apps also provide progress snapshots and alerts, giving you direct access to your project’s data.


you can Build more

With Spectrum Construction Project Management Software, you can:

  • Keep tight control over your projects’ job costs
  • Analyze work-in-progress reports
  • Compare actuals versus projections versus budget
  • Accurately track cost to complete
  • View committed costs for any project
  • Effectively manage change orders and other project changes

create, share and track

Combine all logging and tracking activities on a project into one easy-to-use screen. Create, share and track:

  • Submittals
  • RFIs
  • Change Orders
  • Transmittals
  • Daily Logs
  • Project Correspondence
  • Meeting Notes
  • Custom categories

Not only are all logs accessible from one screen, you can also correlate data across logs and throughout other Spectrum applications. For example, with one click you can connect an RFI to both a change order and a daily log event and track the entire data path from creation to conclusion. Using Spectrum’s pre-built forms, or by creating your own, you can generate, approve, and share anything you need in the Project Log with anyone inside or outside the office.


A better, more collaborative project

Spectrum Construction Project Management Software is designed to unify your project teams. Spectrum brings together everyone involved in the project whether in the office or the field, inside or outside the organization, vendors, subcontractors and more—under one collaborative umbrella, ensuring that the most up-to-date data gets in the hands of the people who need it, when they need it.

Spectrum’s cloud-based Document Imaging and Document Management ensures that everyone involved with a project has the latest, up-to-date construction documents, plans, specs and more.

Spectrum’s Plan Room replaces traditional one-to-one communications with a single collaboration space to ensure everyone is looking at the same information in real time. And with pre-built or customized workflows powering the data, you can gain full control of your projects.

Track correspondence, assign tasks, set up groups and subgroups of people to communicate data with, create alerts, and much more.

Plan Room is more than merely a shared document repository. It puts you in the collaboration driver’s seat by ensuring quick and accurate access to project data for everyone.

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