Our Core


Whether you're a project manager at a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneur at a startup, your profitability hinges on having a clear, easy way to track project cost.  Many companies are still using manual methods for tracking time and expenses-but modern forward thinking companies are successfully moving these processes off paper and desktops and into the cloud.  Leading our clients to a new future is what matters most.  We are here to help our business partners benefit from leading-edge technology by enabling them to achieve better insight from their data.   Empowered by mobility, we clearly connect your data to drive profits, gain productivity and unify your workforce.


We started SolCore Solutions because we believe that with the right solutions and technology-tools, a determined business owner with a dream can win in today's highly competitive marketplace.  We offer simple, custom software solutions for the construction industry that manage task flows,  coordinate resources, and measure results.  We believe it's time to level the playing field and empower the next generation of American business owners, with the right solutions, to win more jobs.


SolCore loves the art of creation. The heart of SolCore remains a close knit circle of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping others succeed.  We channel this energy toward enlightening and encouraging through our shared vision for fully integrated useful solutions.


Our business partner's success depends as much on our expertise as it does on our technology.  Our professional service solutions provide businesses a comprehensive road-map and expert resources for levering the leading-edge technology advancements to gain a competitive advantage.


Our passion is listening to client's ides, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative growth plans.  Most importantly we keep it simple.  We focus on our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills to keep you focused on winning more jobs.

We would love to hear from you.