Spectrum Purchasing

Spectrum® Purchasing

Create and connect POs to specific job phases. Enter POs once and have them update all relevant Spectrum applications, no duplicate entry. Manage open commitments and see their impact on job profitability. Make changes to POs quickly and easily with the system.

Take Control of Purchasing Costs and Streamline Inventory Processes with Great Data Visibility and Functionality



Spectrums Purchase Order solution  fully integrates with other Spectrum functionality,  including Accounts  Payable, Work Order, Equipment Control,  Preventative Maintenance, Document Imaging, Inventory Control, Time + Materials and Job Cost. Spectrum purchasing gives you the ability to:

+ Create purchase orders

+ Manage open commitments  and their impact to  job profitability

+ Avoid duplicate data entry—enter data once and it up- dates throughout Spectrum

+ Connect purchase orders to specific jobs or phases

+ Update or make changes to purchase orders



Spectrum provides a simple format to create purchase orders and instantly attach them to work orders or associate them with jobs and job costs. As soon as a purchase order is entered, the committed cost for the job is updated immediately.

Stay on top of purchases for jobs and inventory and en- sure that project teams have the materials they need to complete the job.

Make changes to purchase orders easily and have the changes update automatically throughout Spectrum.

Spot potential cost overruns as purchase orders are being placed.


Ensure accurate and complete billings by connecting purchase orders directly to work orders to capture purchases on bills.

Track ordered and invoiced POs through Spectrum’s Ac- counts Payable solution to review outstanding orders either on screen or through reports and maintain that tracking even when buying out projects.

Receive purchase orders electronically from suppliers, allowing suppliers to enter detailed PO information and upload it to Spectrum where it is formatted.

Easily verify materials and quantities received against the purchase order, whether receiving items in single orders or in batches.

take control

Spectrum Inventory Control gives contractors a powerful tool to manage their inventory—no matter where items are located. Organize and verify inventory whether using perpetual or period inventory methods to ensure that informed purchasing decisions are being made. Spectrum Inventory Control:

  • Accommodates four standard costing methods—LIFO, FIFO, standard, and average
  • Allows for multiple transaction types, including receipts, orders, transfers and credit returns
  • Supports multiple warehouses and unlimited inventory items, item codes and item comments
  • Identifies primary and secondary vendors and alternate items if materials are out of stock
  • Supports multiple  pricing  levels,  special  pricing,  dis- counts and quantity price breaks
  • Allows items to be tied to specific phases or cost types and users can see all materials associated with a job
  • Maintains history or orders, receipts, adjustments and ship- ments on inventory, including tracking discontinued items
  • Archives past orders and suggested quantities for reor- ders at each warehouse
  • Integrates  with  other Spectrum applications  including Job Cost, General Ledger, Time + Material, Work Order, Purchase Order, and Order Processing.


Spectrum’s Inventory Control provides a 360-degree view of contractors’ assets and materials with the flexibility to sort, itemize and notate inventory, while updating costs and financial data throughout Spectrum.

Manage inventory anywhere—whether in a warehouse, a service vehicle, on a jobsite or even ordered materials not yet received.

Ensure materials data is correct and once inventory is complete, adjust discrepancies and apply them to the General Ledger.

Lock down inventory against any changes until counts are completed and generate easy-to-use count sheets.

quick & easy

Receive alerts when stock needs to be reordered, triggered when available stock falls below user-defined reorder points and suggested quantities.

See which items have been ordered and charged to a specific job and assign and transfer items to a job, Users can also prevent assigned inventory from being allocated to other jobs.

Print inventory lists of items sent to jobs that can serve as a pull list for on-site workers.

Track items allocated to work orders—as items are pulled from truck or warehouse stock and charged to a work order, inventory will automatically be reduced in Inventory Control.

Find any item  quickly and easily with  intuitive look-up screens to  access inventory by category, primary vendor code, vendor part number, item code, and item.


Innovative Technology

We have done more than simply put Spectrum in the cloud—it has been designed specifically for the cloud, providing an intuitive interface that allows you to work from any connected device, anywhere, at anytime simply by launching a web browser. Spectrum delivers the convenience of true cloud computing without sacrificing control. You own the licenses, you manage access and security, and you choose how to implement the software. Host Spectrum yourself, or take advantage of the enterprise-class, secure hosting services where your software runs on hardware dedicated to your company.



Tools For Collaborative Work

Spectrum delivers communication and collaboration tools that help everyone work better together. The Spectrum Dashboard is an information portal for everyone in your company.  Your entire staff not just licensed users—can launch and modify their own Dashboard, putting real-time, relevant information in front of everyone on your team. Vital measurements  such as Work In Progress, Cost to Complete, Over/Under Billing, and Earned Revenue are available on a single screen. Spectrum’s accounting and operational application work together, allowing you to drill into both the financial and logistic details of all your jobs.


Unmatch Ease-of-Use

Spectrum is designed to be user friendly so you can spend time running your business, not figuring out how to run your software. With Spectrum, there are no complex menus to master and memorize. Start from the interactive Dashboard that you customize to fit your needs and dive into detailed information and the work you need to get done. As you work, a responsive InfoBar is always present, giving you one-click access to tasks data related to what you are doing.


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