Out-of-the-box Connectivity for Construction

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Spectrum’s cloud-based technology and open integration strategy have resulted in out-of-the-box construction fueled connectivity with other industry-leading software systems from companies such as Salesforce, Concur, Procore, FieldConnect, and TopBuilder.

Dexter + Chaney’s growing line of Spectrum mobile applications that expand clients’ access to data and decision making wherever work takes them, from the office to the job site.

Suite of noteworthy Spectrum enhancements and mobile solutions:

  • Spectrum CRM—a powerful lead management, sales nurturing and client awareness solution, designed specifically for the construction industry. Spectrum CRM provides contractors with a powerful database for construction-specific prospect and customer data, along with the marketing and communication tools to keep actively engages with them
    Spectrum Ticketing—A unified web, mobile and scale house solution for bulk material weight ticketing, providing material haulers and handlers with a cloud-based system to more efficiently and accurately manage their materials and material tickets.
    Spectrum Talent Management—A complete, cloud-based construction-specific human resources management platform, Spectrum Talent Management includes industry-leading recruiting solutions, simple, automated onboarding programs, powerful resources to enhance learning and performance, forward-thinking communication feedback solutions, collaboration tools, succession planning solutions, and much more.
    Spectrum Workflow—Functionality that allows users to define and enforce specific rules and tasks—creating automated, simple, streamlined processes for their organization. Utilizing intelligent workflow technology, tasks and approvals can be routed to specific people, groups, or even defined roles within the organization.
    Spectrum Business Intelligence—A powerful solution that reimagines data analysis, allowing Spectrum users to collect, compile and analyze construction data virtually any way they want to. Using easy drag-and-drop features, users can access and compare data from a variety of sources, apply measurements and dynamic calculations with a few clicks of a button. Users can create the types of comprehensive reports they want, using business analytic tools that once required your IT department or expensive third-party consultants to build
    Spectrum Service Tech—An intuitive solution that provides field access to service management tasks, work orders, electronic signature capture and data collection. a mobile solution that streamlines the data delivery and administrative tasks for service technicians. Designed specifically for mobile devices, Spectrum Service Tech provides technicians with the tools they need to manage work orders, track parts and inventory, assign and update labor, collect electronic signatures, review and create notes on work orders, upload jobsite photos and forms, and more—all from the field on their mobile device.
    Equipment Field Entry—A simple, yet powerful tool for gathering and analyzing equipment data in the field, including usage hours, odometer readings, fuel consumption and more.
    Payroll Time Entry—A mobile app that lets supervisors and project managers easily enter labor and equipment hours directly from the job site. The app lets users assign and reassign people and equipment as needed and provides tracking for supervisors to use when monitoring the labor and equipment costs associated with their jobs.
    Employee Kiosk—A secure portal for employees to enter their own hours and payroll information, and to access other human resources information. Users can also retrieve summaries of previous time card entries and print out their earnings statements.
    Subcontractor Kiosk—A secure portal that gives authorized subcontractors the ability to enter their own progress billings and submit them electronically into Spectrum for invoice approval. Within each subcontractor’s secure kiosk access, they can access
    applications that will let them process billings, attach supporting documents using simple  drag-and-drop functionality, print their activity and billing reports, and view information on all their open subcontracts.

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