Service Tech Solution: Empowering Field Technicians

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Dexter + Chaney, the leader in cloud-based construction ERP software, is pleased to announce its new Spectrum Service Tech mobile solution as part of its comprehensive Spectrum® Construction Software suite.

Spectrum Service Tech is a complete mobile service management tool, designed in the cloud that extends service management and work order capabilities to the field. Service Tech empowers field technicians by giving them access to more data and tools in the field—in real time.

Using their tablet devices, technicians can see all work orders assigned to them, read, update and create notes related to their task, access historical data about equipment or service sites, request purchase orders, manage parts inventory, access maps, collect electronic signatures, upload and share photos, and email service reports straight from the field.

Spectrum Service Tech streamlines the data delivery and administrative tasks for service technicians in the field, allowing them to focus more on the work for which they’re trained.

Designed specifically for mobile devices, Spectrum Service Tech provides technicians with the tools they need to manage work orders, track inventory, assign and update labor, collect electronic signatures, review and create notes on work orders, collect photos, and more—all from the field.

Fully integrated with Spectrum, Service Tech delivers data to technicians in real time, while instantly updating data in Spectrum whenever information is added from the field. The application is responsive to virtually every type of mobile device, allowing for simple navigation and easy-to-use screens for technicians to work from.

“We’re very excited about the ease of use and simple navigation for technicians with Spectrum Service Tech,” said Scott Rosenbloom, Dexter + Chaney’s vice president of strategy. “Technicians simply log in and get started on their jobs right away. This way, they spend more time doing the work that their customers want them to do, and less time entering data and navigating cumbersome software or hard to use interfaces. This solution also significantly reduces the risk of lost or misplaced data through more traditional work order processes like handling paperwork or remembering to enter information into a system later when back in the office.”

Technicians can clock in or out of jobs instantly with Spectrum Service Tech. They can see all work orders assigned to them, and see hours quoted and track actual hours worked for particular jobs. Technicians can also read notes related to the client or the job, access maps and directions, manage parts and inventory, create purchase order requests, upload job site photos and forms, and can even email work order forms directly from the job site.

Service Tech is tightly integrated with the rest of Spectrum’s features and functionality, meaning that data is immediately visible to the back office when entered by the technician, leading to quicker billings and preventing the loss of data that can sometimes occur with
traditional field service processes.

“Service Tech was designed to significantly streamline the amount of administrative work technicians have typically had to do while in the field to ensure their jobs were being performed—and billed—correctly,” said Dexter + Chaney Vice President of Strategy, Scott Rosenbloom. “By taking advantage of the cloud, automating these processes, and tying it directly back to Spectrum, technicians can better focus on what they do best—delivering quality maintenance and repairs to keep their customers happy.”

Spectrum Service Tech is available as a subscription service from Dexter + Chaney.

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