Welcome to Cloud 9-The Old Boys’ Club Is Closed

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Break down the silos and create. One team, builds the best!!!

Collaboration is the new KING©

Collaboration between employees is empowering and makes the best business sense when they are located at different isolated locations.  Let’s face it, field operations are in the field and not around during month end reconciliations.   They are building.  Far, Far Away…..Well let’s discuss the power of the cloud in construction.

A recent study conducted by Work.com found that 97% of employees and executives agreed that the level of team communications directly IMPACTS THE OUTCOME of the task/phase or project. Effortlessly sharing information amongst all the workforce,  enables and expands the reach of communications.  How?  Simply sharing valuable information in real time gets more jobs done, safely, on time and well under budget.


One thought on “Welcome to Cloud 9-The Old Boys’ Club Is Closed

  1. Your comment touches on a business dynamic that I am intimately aware of. I’ve run several large projects in the wireless industry, spanning a large geographical area. One of the biggest inefficiencies I constantly wrestle with is spreadsheet proliferation. Without a proper centralized repository for all project information, teams are left to track their work on spreadsheets. This creates a lot of problems. First, individuals and individual teams are marching to their own sheet of music, like you said; “In a silo”. The second major problem is version control. Because spreadsheets have to pass around for everyone to update, nobody ever really knows if they have the most current data! This mode of operation has cost my team thousands, if not millions in lost productivity when we have to stop progress to perform data purification.

    This post really struck a cord with me! Please give me a shout. I’d like to explore the possibilities you represent.


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